Thursday, March 3, 2011

Musical/\Revertion Song Of The Day: If Trees Could Scream, What Would They Sound Like?

Screaming Trees. One of the most unknown & underrated bands of the grunge era. Before Nirvana hit it big (before they were a band, even), these guys were already actively building their own sound & dedicated fanbase. "Sweet Oblivion" remains one of the top alternative albums of the 90's for me, and you really should check it out.

Vocalist Mark Lanegan is known for his indescribable baritone voice. As I stated, it cannot be described, so just listen please. One of their more well known tracks, and one of my favorites, here is "Shadow Of The Season." If you enjoy this, you may find the rest of "Sweet Oblivion" to your liking, as well as all of the Screaming Tree's discography.


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