Saturday, February 19, 2011

Musical/\Revertion Song Of The Day: Late-Night Jitters, And Some Black Eyes

"Swim with me into your blackest eyes." That is a lyric from prog-rock band Porcupine Tree's song, "Blackest Eyes" from their 2002 album, "In Absentia." The release chronicles the life and downfall of a serial killer, from birth to decrepit end. This song opens the story in a very obscure manner, and I'll be damned if it doesn't hook you right in. Starts off with some odd effects before launching into a heavy riff and bombastic drums. For fans back when this album/single dropped, it was a far cry from the Pink Floyd inspired "The Sky Moves Sideways", or the poppy soundscapes of "Stupid Dream" and "Lightbulb Sun."

This also marked the arrival of new drummer, Gavin Harrison, and a much denser, more brutal drumming style altogether. Having largely avoided the metal genre for years, Steven Wilson revitalized his interest in the scene and decided to incorporate it into his own. Combining Opeth with The Beatles & Pink Floyd sans growling vocals is no easy task, but accomplish it he did.

"In Absentia" is the first Porcupine Tree effort to draw on such influences. "Blackest Eyes," "Strip The Soul," and "Wedding Nails" all draw upon metal inspiration, among portions of other tracks.

In short, "Blackest Eyes" is a heavier track with acoustic verses, a catchy chorus and explosive drums.  The lyrics tell of a child being sung a lullaby by his mother, only to grow wild in the future. What sort of "wild", you say? A very demented sort, for sure.

"I got wiring loose inside my head
I got books that I never, ever read
I got secrets in my garden shed
I got a scar where all my urges bled
I got people underneath my bed
I got a place where all my dreams are dead
Swim with me into your blackest eyes."
 All sung in a casual, almost playful tone by Steven Wilson in his Lennon-esque voice, giving way to cascading guitar riffs. Cool song bro. Check it out:


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