Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Musical/\Revertion Song Of The Day: White. Coma, White.

The song of the day today happens to be my all-time favorite Marilyn Manson song. He may be dark, he may be grotesque, he may be repulsively appealing to some. His music channels (or channeled, rather) such ferocity & obscurity dressed in a satin lining. Dark to the core. Yet, his shining moment proves to be this track. Melancholy, with a softly blanketed guitar loop intro and a bittersweet winter vibe. Gentle, yet the tenacity still lingers. I will not be dissecting this track today. Just listen, put away judgement, and prepare to have a new artist to "like." I have encoded the music video intentionally, because it fits in so well with the song itself. Hailing from the 1998 release "Mechanical Animals," and the closing track of that record, here is..."Coma White."


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