Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musical/\Revertion Song Of The Day: Lucky Number 13 (Too Much Time In The Pumpkin Patch)

Today's song of the day is a song entitled, "Lucky 13" by the alternative rock band, "The Smashing Pumpkins." It is part of a group of bside released for free online to accompany their final (at the time) album in 2000, "Machina II/the friends & enemies of modern music."

The secondary tracks served as an EP to accompany the full album, both of which served as the first record of free-album distribution over the internet. Ripped from limited pressing vinyl, and distributed over the web by dedicated fans, Corgan planned it all out. The label-released "Machina/the machines of god" was polished & produced to perfection, at times perhaps, overproduced. Come part 2, and a final farewell, this outing was raw, fuzzy & far more reminiscent of the older sound fans loved. The track was also released officially by Virgin Records through the 2-disc greatest hits compilation, on the second disc known as "Judas 0."

"Lucky 13" is one of those tracks you wouldn't expect of Corgan, but it will take you by the ears and bash you up against a wall. One of the few heavier tracks of this era, it begins with a brutally precision-locked and battering drum beat, a Jimmy Chamberlin signature. The drumming here is so full that it sounds like an entire room filled with various drummers playing the same beat. A damn monster is the only term I can muster. Billy follows suit, with an undeniably evil-sounding riff. Corgan casually croons, "It's in blood / I suppose / Breaking jars / I'm no good / As the prodigal son."

An explosive yet droning riff develops from the last word of the verse, accompanied by Jimmy's drums. "You are so fucked / It has begun / Revolution crawls / All over YOU."

The song remains very much constant, with the same parts repeating. The true highlight aside from Jimmy's pusling fills is the ring-leaders' subdued, almost vampire-esque vocals. Left & right, barking mysteriously abstract lyrics. Occasionally, his voice catches an angst-filled high, but the most intriguing thing here is his ability to sing a heavier track with such broodfully dark lyrics in such a soft tone. A trait he excels at. Rising climactically, the vocals reach a peak until falling back down to a solemn tone buried in a swirling wind of guitars.

"I'll claim my prize
I don't exist
I am divine,
A ghost with eyes."

Billy Corgan fades out as quietly as he entered the song, leaving an all too obscure closing line. Also check out the live version of this track below from the "If All Goes Wrong" documentary DVD.



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