Sunday, February 13, 2011

Musical/\Revertion Song of the Day: Alternative For Scotland

Today I will be starting a song of the day post. Every day, I will link  to a song I feel deserves some recognition, and give some insight on it. Seems right to kick it off with a song by a little-known alternative band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are called 'Aereogramme.'

The guys started off as a slightly heavy take on post-rock, yet very atmospheric & soft at the same time. Fuzzy guitars, crooning to screaming, and lyrics laced with personal reflections. One of the most underrated bands ever, and unfortunately one that saw its demise much too soon. However, fans of the band have found solace in lead singer/guitarist Craig B. & guitarist Iain Cook's newest band, 'The Unwinding Hours.' What do they have to offer? A similar sound, while not all the same. Something fresh, yet unknown.

Rambling off, the first song I will share is called "The Running Man." The Scotland based quartet wrote & recorded it for the darker (and less serene) half of their final record, 'My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go.'

Why You Should Hear This:
-Very personal lyrical content.
-Song has a very derivative "doomsday" vibe, with eclectic & darkened piano undertones opening the track and pulsing throughout.
-Craig B. sings of his childhood, and preconceived ideals. Who so ever pushed these upon him is unclear, but the explosive, pseudo uplifting chorus seems to indicate a sort of light he had hoped for. One which would guide him to make the necessary actions & changes in life, perhaps the 'Lord above.'

"I thought I was open
But I was closed
And I thought I had answers
To show the world
And I thought that the good light
Would guide me home

But no"

It could be seen as his heart being closed, when he thought it was open, maybe even his mind.

In the context of the song, he seems adament on living his life the way it is, as it 'decays'. He lost his chances to bring the good of self and give what he wanted, so he is making do with it and sharing with the world his mistake. Perhaps the song even dealt with the topic of in the form of a loved one. It would seem to make sense, but seeing as there is not much info on the meaning of his lyrics out there, we must settle for what we take it as. Huzzah for some of the best bands having a lack of background due to being way too unknown.

Enjoy. Remember, if you like this, feel free to click one of the ads on the right, or search to preview & purchase 'My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go', along with the remainder of their remarkable & buried discography.


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