Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silverstein Announce New Album

Post-hardcore band Silverstein have announced a projected date of 4/26/2011 for their newest studio effort, "Rescue." It will be released on their new label, Hopeless Records. Two tracks from the previously released "Transitions EP" will be included on the album, titled "Sacrifice" and "Darling Harbour," respectively.  A music video is being filmed for the first single, "The Artist."

I have always adored their album artwork, and am happy to report that friend of the band and artist Martin Wittfoot will once again be contributing a painting to serve as their album cover. Here is an example of the work he provides. This is the cover of their 3rd studio album, "Arrivals & Departures," released in 2007.

If any band of this genre is worth checking out, it is them. And trust me, they are far & few in-between. Never heard of them? "A Shipwreck In The Sand" and "Discovering The Waterfront" are good choices to start with.

Enjoy, and anticipate.



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